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You Two-Faced Bitch

April 14, 2011

If you were to see me out, or read about me you’d think I’m a slutty, snorting, diet pill-popping club drunk.

When in reality, I’ve been with 8 people my whole life, have been dating someone for a month I’ve yet to sleep with, done the white candy about 10 times to date and diet via eating healthy and exercising (tho I pop a lil’ Xenadrine now and then to help my diet – which is exactly what it’s used for – I gained a good 10 pounds over winter).

Am I a drunk?  Hell yes, sister.  You can bet your sweet tits I down a bottle of vodka Friday and Saturday nights and dance my face off all weekend.

But which version of me is more appealing?  The wild party slut, or the more realistic one who goes to the gym, works 9-5 and has never had a one-night stand?

In my early twenties I struggled with the fact that I wasn’t as wild, sexually and drug-wise, as most.  But the older I get the more I respect the fact that something in me keeps me from crossing certain lines.  Because no one wants to be typical.

And you should never give in to pressures to be typical, unless that is what you really want.

I’m about to down a bottle of wine and go to bed.  Peace girls.

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