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Cuba Elects Its First Every Tranny Government Official

November 28, 2012

adele hernandez cuba transgender

Times, they are a changing. Behold the first ever transgendered Cuban public official, Adela Hernandez. In November, the delicate pepto bismol flower that is Adela Hernandez was elected as delegate to the municipal government of Caibarien. I have no idea what that means, but all I do know¬† is that up until recently, Cuba hasn’t been very tolerant of the gays. Adela has been attacked in the street for showing off the glamourousness of a fuschia vickies camisole, and she once went to jail the 80’s for “dangerousness”. If “dangerousness” were an actual crime in the United States, Lindsay Lohan would have received the death sentence for her Liz and Dick lifetime skit, and I would be doing community service for extreme sexiness.

Adela, who is the love child of Cheech Marin and Brigitte Nielson works as a nurse by day, serves honorably in her neighborhood watch by night, and apparently spends her free time staging publicity stunts that make Courtney Stodden look like a wallflower. If you notice, in the above picture she is clearly in an “undesirable neighborhood” read: Cuba, yet the sheets she is hanging to dry aren’t wet, and appear to be whiter than the inside of Paz De La Huerta’s left nostril.

Anyone who has ever lived in the ghetto or bought drugs in the ghetto knows that there is no such thing as a white sheet in the inner city. Still, bravo for Cuba embracing the transgendered community! It started with gays, now this nouveau civil rights movement has extended to trannies. After that, all we have to do is stop discriminating against fat people, and we might have a cold chance in hell of being a world full of decent human beings.

Woman Candy: Ride This Tranny Like A My Little Pony

April 18, 2012

Photography by Adrian Rand

Today’s womancandy is one of our new writers here at Gloganvlog, Nadia Evangeline. Nadia is our first tranny writer and one of the most honest, down to earth, bad-ass people I have ever met. Look to her for total honesty, good advice, and a great fucking time. She also has great tits and an ass that can squeeze a lump of coal and pop out a perfect Galleria diamond from Zales.


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Sighted: Tranny FakeTits Hobgoblin

April 25, 2011

Watch your backs people; the rare Tranny FakeTits Hobgloblin (Gary) has been sighted in your town. It can be difficult to identify Tranny FakeTits as her true form is still a mystery but you will know that this hobgoblin has been in your house if you find strands of nylon from a fake hair wig, trails of false eyelashes, or rolls of duct tape.

This sassy bitch has been known to take home dumb-founded country boys(thousands and still counting) where she uses her man pussy to lure them in to her cave of inequity. Once the boys are in her viscous web, they never escape!

So lock up your cosmetics, and be warned that the Tranny FakeTits Hobgoblin is on the loose and you could be next.

LGBTQI: More Confusing Than Marc Jacob’s Leather Skort?

February 19, 2011

I will admit it. I had to google LGBTQI. It seems like they keep adding letters to it every year. Soon it will be longer than my fucklist. Haha Just kidding—thats impossible since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet….I also took issue with the fact that Lesbian comes before Gay….and then I found the photo to the right and thought “Let the lesbians have this small victory. They deserve something nice for once. ”

So I took out my Davinci code scroll analyzer and did some deciphering.

L is for Lesbian: Referring to a woman who believes in astrology, wears hemp bracelets, drives a semi-truck full of lamb shanks, has tattoos of ironic phrases, streaks her mullet, bites her nails, and wears joe boxers under old navy tapered jeans with chuck taylors.

Lesbians like to watch dog-fights and are sensitive to UV light. They are also all allergic to Ballsacks, pet dander, and legumes.

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