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Gloganvlog Reader Submission: One Direction I Will Not Be Taking

October 9, 2011

Today’s reader submission comes again from Jesse G, in Fl. Speaking of coming again, I hereby solemnly swear that I will never go anywhere that “Banging Sue” is an option. I like to think I live my life in a pretty fly-by-night kind of way and am open to many possibilities, but banging Sue would never happen. This is not only because Sue is obviously a girl – but also because it has been scientifically proven that all girls named Sue work in convenience stores, have bleached bangs, nicotine under their fingernails, frosted pink lipstick, and stretch marks from pushing out their cousin Biff’s melon-headed kid.

From Jackets to Sex Robots: Japan’s Innovation Continues

July 27, 2011

Who said that Japan lost their cutting edge sense of innovation?  While I doubt it’s coming to your local Uniqluo anytime soon, since each jacket is $140, I’m looking forward to their next hybrid… any suggestions?

Didn’t they  invent the Fleshjack anyway?  I know they’re working on sex robots.  I hope they don’t only come in extra small.