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2 Easy Ways To Escape A Prison Shower Rape

April 22, 2012

For those of you intelligent enough to watch Revenge, you undoubtedly saw Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) showering in prison last week. You probably also saw what happened next, which had some of us fist pumping the air, hoping we would get a re-imagined PG-13 version of what happened every 20 minutes on Oz (that’s prison rape, for those of you who have no taste in TV). Anyway, that scene inspired this post, so I thought if only fitting to include a screen shot from the scene at the end. Here are two easy ways to escape a prison shower rape scene of your very own: Read more…

Mancandy: American Psycho Christian Bale

December 29, 2011

I know, I know, half of you think I deserve to die of AIDS infested Herpes since I waited so long to see this cult classic, but last night, for the first time I watched American Psycho. Christian Bale made me moisten my manties so hard in that movie, I soaked through the foundation of my mom’s house and straight into the mantle of the Earth. I don’t care if he raped and murdered prostitutes – frankly, when it happens to me ( and I think we are all in agreement that is the way I will die)  hope someone half as hot as Christian Bale is the one wielding the chainsaw. I don’t care who you are or how straitlaced you think your morals are, if you aren’t turned on by the murderous bastard in this movie then you need to take a tazer to your vagina because you are probably dead inside. More pics after the jump. Read more…

ManCandy Daily: Romeo

April 7, 2011

Since I’m not about to put that crazy Scientologist heffer on here, even if she hysterically fell flat on her ass (almost taking her partner with her – – he cushioned her fall), I’m staying relevant by posting the hottest guy still on DWTS:  Romeo.  When I first saw this first pic, I’m not sure he was legal but looking at the rest – – he’s all man. Read more…