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Reasons Why I Want A CaterParaplegic Dog

August 12, 2011

This is a photo of a caterparaplegic dog–a word I just made up to signify that it is both paraplegic, and looks like a caterpillar. See what I did there?

The reasons I want one are as follows:

1. I could name it Baby Brokenlegs. Funny story–I actually used to have a guinea pig with two broken legs. This happens when four kids play the parachute game with a bed sheet and a pet. From that day on BBL (as we called him) just dragged his hind legs behind him making squeaking noises. What a trooper.

2. It would scare other dogs. My paraplegic dog would need to be a small breed to fit into my apartment, (lets just say if my apartment were a dick, it would be smaller than the “Situation’s” Shituation. I enjoy irony. So having a tiny robo-dog that can scare away a great dane would be the highlight of all my cocktail parties (of which there are none).

3. Watching it run downhill would be hilarious. In my wildest fantasies, I fasten a kite to its back and send it running down a hill. Somewhere towards the bottom it takes flight–and runs away from my abuse like Little Elijah Wood in The Radio Flyer. Read more…

ManCandy Daily: Greek God

March 20, 2011

While most of your attention is on Libya right now (yeah, right) I’m hoping to provide a little escape.  I actually tried to find a hot Libyan for your deserving eyes  but since their crazy dictator ain’t so hot on the gays, I couldn’t find one with a face.  I hope you’ll settle for this Greek god instead.

While I’m not too sure what’s going on with him pulling back his overalls…. actually, I’m not so sure about this fashion choice to begin with.   Read more…