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Caught on Tape: Miss Piggy Wiping her Ass with Britney Spears

February 18, 2011

Let me preface by explaining how this post  is relevant:

1: It’s gay. Because nothing is more gay than maribou trim, bedazzled bodices,online dating, and the apolcalypse.

2: It’s fucked up. Britney Spears clearly hasn’t had a sober day since Oops, I did ecstacy+anal again.

3: It’s tragic. And any time two fat bitches are going to fight, I’m going to write! Also, I am assuming she is working with a new weavologist, but her hair still looks like the before picture of a tresemme dry shampoo commercial. On PBS.

There are a few hundred things wrong with this video. I will chronicle these phenomenons after the jump. Read more…