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Broken Bottles, Concussions, Route 66 Margaritas, and 20 ft Chandeliers

May 2, 2011

If you are wondering why things have been a little quiet around gloganvlog lately its because all of our writers had a CRAZY FUCKING weekend and are still recovering.

So I’ll jump right in. Friday night hell froze over and Demi Lovato recovered from her eating disorder because I actually stayed in and worked all night. My friend needed help moving saturday morning, so I figured it was as good a night as any to take it easy. What I didn’t realize is that in order to keep the balance of the elements and the world turning, I would have to get completely faced the next day to make up for it. So I met my friend (and a few of his attractive friends as well) Saturday at 9:30 to help him move from Chelsea to Williamsburg. Why you ask? Honestly I have no idea. He is trading muscley queens that brunch all day in tight tank tops for anorexic hipsters that smoke cigarettes at indie concerts in tight jeans. Pick your poison. You are going to die eventually anyway. So we moved him in, all the while I am trying hard not to flirt with a cute guy that has a boyfriend (who I am going to call lil wolfie) –mostly because I am already involved with way too many cute guys that have boyfriends.

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