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How To Properly Serve KUNT

January 20, 2012

Let me first say that KUNT has no reference to the “C” word. This type of KUNT describes a much more fierce, impetuous, omnipresent type of mannerism that is somewhat overpowering and awe inspiring. Serving KUNT is better left to professionals like drag queens, fierce bitches or trannies that are capable of handling KUNT. KUNT must be handled with care. If there’s too much KUNT being thrown around, things will get out of control rather quickly and well we just don’t want that. KUNT must have a look. If there is not look to go with the KUNT, then your KUNT will not come off as fierce as it should. KUNT must be used properly when talking about it in sentences otherwise you might offend someone. Saying something like “You’re a KUNT” would not be cute at all. Rather, one should say “Gurl, you’re giving me KUNT today and I’m loving it.” KUNT in that context is not seen negatively.

I’d like to give two hypothetical situations that have empirical research to back their findings. One situation will show how to properly serve a normal amount of KUNT according to statistical data. The other situation will Read more…