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Music To Wake You Up If You Are Drunk At Work

May 25, 2012

We have all been there: Maybe you took a super long, super moist (yes, I am aware that word makes people uncomfortable which is why I say it. At church. In the eyes of god) business lunch. Maybe, your happy hour stretched into the wee hours because you were desperately trying to cock whatever you could find outside of some douchey bar in Meat Packing. Maybe, like me, you just want to have a good time even if that means drinking a hundred Blue Moon draft+shot of Blueberry stoli’s (I call this Papa Smurf’s Revenge). Whatever your reason, you are drunk at work and you need to wake up before your boss comes over and realizes you smell like an Oktoberfest after-party.

This is the music to save your job. If it doesn’t you fist pumping and cooter-jumping then nothing, not even industrial strength Alabama Meth will. Not to mention the DJ (DJ Mass Effect) is super hot, hilarious, and sometimes takes part in my NY Rooftop parkour challenges. As far as I know, from skim-reading like a child molester near the “Missing” signs at a Florida rest stop, the Insomniac Discovery Project is a contest to help unsigned DJ’s gain exposure. So support a bitch and fight your hangover at the same time.

Let the song play for at least 5 minutes or your future children will come out looking like Rose Mcgowan’s face circa 2012.

EDMbiz presents the Insomniac Discovery Project by Mass Effect on Mixcloud