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Drag Queens Arrested in Florida for Stealing Sequins

September 19, 2011

This story truly speaks for itself, so I will just give it to ya straight.

A band of traveling gypsy drag queens have been arrested in Orlando, Florida (of course) because they were stealing many drag-related items from local fabric stores across the state. Their pilfering finally came to an end when they were discovered at none other than Jo-ann Fabrics stuffing the following items into their handbags: Five packs of black feathers, two packs of red feathers, two packs of red lace gloves, two packs of black red lace gloves, eyelashes, five bra pads, five butt pads, five gel inserts, three other handbags, two boas, three pairs of costume glasses, and ten bandannas.

After reading this story I had flashbacks to my college days with Gary and Nick Mac driving home with eye-liner flying out if the back seat of my 94 Toyota Corolla. Then after my flashbacks ended I realized how truly proud I am to be a Floridian.