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Unequivocal Evidence That Superheroes Are On Drugs

February 9, 2012

1. Superman’s Xray Vision: He was actually just looking at himself whilst high, in the mirror. Naked. Crying. Kryptonite is actually the name of a strain of weed. And all those trips to the phone booth? Where else are you going to find a private metal shelf off which to roll a joint? You would be leaping tall buildings and taking bullets to the tits too.

2. Wonderwoman’s lasso: Just a shoelace from her official power-dyke doc martens. Her bracelets were a gift from her lady friend Marge, who also supplies her with all the cocaine she needs to be a strong, independent woman in a man’s world. With a deviated septum.

3. Batman’s issues: His inappropriate relationship with that twink bitch Robin stems from a shit ton of heroin abuse stemming from seeing his parents murdered when he was just a young boy trying to masturbate to bat-porn. His bat-cave is actually a rented out 1 bedroom in Pistol Shit, Michigan with tinfoil blocked windows and a sex dungeon. Alfred is the slumlord that owns the house and occasionally stops by for a bat-beej or two.

4. Aquaman’s addictions: He is a methed-out circuit queen on a constant GHB high. The ocean he swims in is actually a sea of men, and the scales on his legs are really scabies brought on by sharing needles and bottoming for every Read more…

Gay Absolut Vodka Commerical

December 14, 2011

We have all seen commercials featuring homos start to make their way into mainstream media. But, what I like about this Absolut Vodka commercial is that it isn’t overwhelmingly sexual. Yeah, there are two guys in bed naked but they aren’t all over each other like a bunch of Chelsea circuit queens on GHB; instead the directors took a humorous approach. What do you think about gay commercials, is humorous better?