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A List Of Promises President Obama Has Kept

May 11, 2012

Lets start by establishing that I don’t consider myself a political mind, or a political person. I love visiting DC because the guys are super hot and its a fun town. I would never live there, though, because the guys are all annoyingly political. They take themselves to seriously, and I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant with a smile on my face than get hemmorhoids because I am so worried about the state of our country.

I do know, however, that President Obama has gotten a lot of good press lately for openly admitting that he is in favor of gay marriage (even though Hillary practically said this when she popped out of her mom’s iron-clad vagina). A lot of people are criticizing him for saying this on the heels of the North Carolina amendment banning gay marriage amongst other things. People are saying that he is using this as a means to try and get re-elected. I personally think its courageous of him to say this, and it could actually cost him the election. When we live crazily awesome, fabulous lives like we do its often easy to forget that that majority of the country is ass-backward. I personally think he came out with this announcement as a verbal bitch slap to North Carolina.

So I took myself out of the equation, and I remembered something else about him. My mother was one of the people deeply effected by the recession and that horrible mortgage situation. She literally Read more…