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LGBTQI: More Confusing Than Marc Jacob’s Leather Skort?

February 19, 2011

I will admit it. I had to google LGBTQI. It seems like they keep adding letters to it every year. Soon it will be longer than my fucklist. Haha Just kidding—thats impossible since there are only 26 letters in the alphabet….I also took issue with the fact that Lesbian comes before Gay….and then I found the photo to the right and thought “Let the lesbians have this small victory. They deserve something nice for once. ”

So I took out my Davinci code scroll analyzer and did some deciphering.

L is for Lesbian: Referring to a woman who believes in astrology, wears hemp bracelets, drives a semi-truck full of lamb shanks, has tattoos of ironic phrases, streaks her mullet, bites her nails, and wears joe boxers under old navy tapered jeans with chuck taylors.

Lesbians like to watch dog-fights and are sensitive to UV light. They are also all allergic to Ballsacks, pet dander, and legumes.

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