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Geographical Racism From The Southern And Northern States

November 3, 2011

I always think its funny when people discriminate against people because of where they are from. One of the first questions people ask someone when they meet them in New York is “Where are you from.” When you say “I live in the financial district” they ask “But where are you from originally” as if me admitting I am from the south will automatically make the hair on the back of my head grow 11 inches, 2 of my teeth fall out, 3 illegitimate babies fall out of my asshole and a lynching tree sprout up behind me. I only know about 2 people that are originally from New York City and do you know what? Its Read more…

How To Catch A Cab At Night If You Are Black

February 25, 2011

I know that most people often forget this what with so much good TV on (DeGrassi and Burn Notice), but February is Black History Month. My personal black history is that in my hometown the high schools are segregated geographically. There was a Black high school, and Rich White Kid high school and a Backwoods Redneck high school. I had friends at all three, but I went to the Black one.

I will be blunt. Racism is something ingrained into your life at a very young age in the South and anyone who says otherwise is too ashamed or just not self-actualized enough to admit it.

The problem with it is like anything else (especially backfat, or imaginary things like alcoholism) –you cannot overcome something unless you admit that it exists. Read more…