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10 Reasons Katy Perry Is A Whore

December 29, 2011

And not the good kind who whore.

Here’s 10 reasons why:

10. She did this ad.

9. After starting out as christian singer  failed, she played every 50’s loving lesbian for a fool with her ‘kissed a girl’ bullshit.  Sorry Nulia.

8. She married Russell Brandt.

7. She is pretty much the Google of the pop world, copying everyone from Gwen to Gaga (bitch, no one can pull off a mermaid better than Gaga).

6. I was fully committed to taking my own life Summer 2010  if I had to witness one more sailor-hat-wearing queer sing ‘California Girls’ at the park, pier or beach.

5. Russel Brandt married her.

4. She has forever ruined my dreams of becoming Queen Frostine.

3. She did that awful Star-Trek knock off video with Kanye West.

2. She worked with Kanye West.

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