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The Hangover Diaries Picture Story: Fairy Tales, Planking, And Electrocution

January 7, 2012

Normally I write these posts in a long, drawn out way. Today, I thought I would let the photos do most of the storytelling. (So keep reading to see photographic evidence of all the shenanigans)

Preface: Nick Mac and I started by pregaming at my apt with Frecks and his boyfriend. Then, we went to check out Fairy Tale, Joey Israel’s new Friday night party on 48th and 11th. Honestly I am always pretty impressed with Joey’s parties- The walls of the building were painted in glitter and there were fucking mannequin centaur tables. Do I need to say more? I felt like I was on the inside of Ke$ha’s vagina except without all the herpes and dead animal remnants. Then, on our merry way to industry we ran into some of my friends from out of town, one of whom I had a sloppy make-out session with on the street. Then, we decided to drink more at Jason’s apartment, AKA the Hell’s Kitchen black hole that always sucks us in. Then, we saw a small multi-racial man climb up a lamp post like a monkey and plank on top of a no-walking sign. I don’t know where he is from but obviously they still do that there. After Industry we went back to Jasons, where we got more fucked up and I did an impromptu photoshoot with Read more…

The Hangover Diaries: Toadstools, Bedbugs,Concoctions, and Craptions

February 16, 2011

“Even though everyone told Priscilla her derby hat made her look like Toadstool from Super Mario, she proudly hoofed down that West Palm runway working her Victoria’s Secret Ecru Camisole like she was for sale and the rent was due tomorrow.”

I don’t typically go out on Tuesdays but now this blog has given me an excuse, which was all I needed. But I was alone at home, and Logan and Keyster had been out drinking since 7. It was 10 pm. What’s a tranny to do?

I decided a game of catchup was in order. I filled a wine glass with stoli and soda water and voila. There is a reason I don’t drink alone though, and it isn’t because I am worried about alcoholism. Read more…