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Thursday Night In Atlanta: BJ’s, HJ’s, Penthouses and Lap Dances

April 16, 2011

So Logan and I have now been intimate. I am not normally someone who has relations with my friends but sometimes things get out of hand and you end up in a penthouse apartment putting both your dicks in the same mouth. It’s just like any other Friday night, really.

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Atlanta Shenanigans: I Slept With A Bear Last Night

April 14, 2011

And I liked it. His name is Belvedere Berenstein (hes jewish of course because for some reason I am a total shiksa at this point in my life) and we are headed to TJ Maxx later to pick out wallpaper for his cavern. (read: condoms for his asshole)  This is technically a hangover diaries entry but this photo surpassed by far what I looked like today waking up stuffed into those hunter green velour leggings like a pig in a blanket.

We started off the night at Chris  and Tom’s apartment, which is a lavishly decorated New Orleans meets San Francisco boudoir style mid century modern decadent palace filled with all manner of eccentric trinkets and antiquities to play with once you are blasted. Including a bear skin rug. But I digress.

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COCKtail Recipe: The Whipped Pussy

April 14, 2011

In honor of our vacation to the Deep South, where you apparently don’t have to sell your ass on the street corner for a drink, we’ve decided to share not only our juicy stories but Read more…

I Am On A Plane Headed Back Down South (ATL and FL)

April 13, 2011

And this photo represents the way I feel. For one week I will be in Atlanta and Florida. That makes me feel just like this turtle. Why?

1. The weather will be warm. I am going to lay out so much my skin is going to blacken and sizzle until I look like either Kobe Bryant or Kobe beef.

2. The guys aren’t as jaded. (although I am pretty sure by saying that it makes me jaded) So it will be really easy to have a mini-vacationship and break his heart whenever I leave him thinking my name is Catherine Aragon and I have to go back to my life of supermodeling and running a business designing home furnishings for Raymour and Flannigan. Seriously Cindy Crawford and Cathy Ireland–what do you know about leather sectionals besides how to do lines off one?

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