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Sexy Gay Clowns From The Midnight Grindshow™

March 20, 2014

sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to get pounded by a guy wearing a full face of makeup and a curly orange wig. Nobody? Just me? Okay.

For those of you who don’t read Wikipedia on the crapper, “Coulrophobia” is defined as: “an innate fear of clowns”, by the dictionary of things I just Googled. I am pretty sure the fear comes from the fact that clowns hide their identities behind makeup, much like Mickey Rourke hiding behind his surgically altered potato face. I’m sure it didn’t help that John Wayne Gacy straight up murdered some hoes and buried them under his porch, all while sporting a red rubber nose, but I digress. Jason and I decided that it would be fun to dress up like some clown characters and take a shower together. If we help one gay person get over their fear of clowns, then we have done our job.

It’s about the children, after all.

If you have been wondering why things are a little slower here at Gloganvlog, it’s because Jason and I started a video game company, and are working on crowd-funding our first title; The Midnight Grindshow™.

We recently read that hot gay clown post on Queerty, and felt like we should add our own spin to it. Also, full disclosure, we are trying to raise $130K to create this game, and are willing to do anything, even strip down to our underwear in my shower to make it a reality. This post is our way to have some fun with it, and hopefully rustle up some George Washingtons, at the same time. We have been working around the clock on this project so it was nice to just blow off some steam, do something creative, and “clown around”.

If you applaud our chutzpah, please feel free to donate a buck or two to the cause by clicking HERE. You can also find out all the info on the project, and how we have been spending our days. I embedded the video below. Let us know what you think (both about the project, and our ridiculous photoshoot) in the comments or via email!


sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

sexy gay clowns the midnight grindshow

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