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Political Humor That Is Completely Lost On Me

November 4, 2011

I think its fairly obvious that I don’t give a damn about politics. The only political party I want to be a part of needs to involve jello shots and male strippers. My plan for the future of this country is that if things ever get too bad I am just going to peace out, even if I have to row the fuck away using a spoon as an oar like little Elian Gonzalez (Never forget).

But, just like a joke that refers to something that happened before 1983 when my tan little ass sprung out of my moms snizz like a diabetic in a sugar shock, if something seems humorous I don’t have to understand it. I will laugh anyway. I might even chortle. I might even laugh, then chortle, then post it online.

Yup. That self- fulfilling prophecy just filled itself like that girl you went to middle school with who shoved a hot dog in her hallway. In my case that girls name was Megan and we are now friends on Facebook– In case she reads this:


I am sorry I ever perpetuated that rumor. But you got the last laugh because you should see some of the things I put inside myself nowadays!

(I am talking about high fructose corn syrup and processed cheese you word-twisting hobgoblins!)

And dicks.

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