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Its My Birthday: Celebrating With Embarrassing Pics

April 10, 2012

What a houseboy in South Florida looks like. Rosetta Stone not included.

Trust me, I know how this looks. This photo is pretty much the least embarrassing one I could find, but I figured I needed to draw people into reading this with the power of my hypnotic spiral tits, and then hit them with some real home-runs. I always say that the most important thing in life is to not take it too seriously, so what better way to celebrate my birthday than by embarrassing the shit out of myself? Enjoy.


If you got too high to graduate from actual high school, you can make your own cap and gown with a slanket.

I’m not saying this was a tranny tupperware party/yaki weave expo/fourgy but I am saying that I contracted fabulous and purchased a canister that keeps celery fresh for 12 years.

Yes, I was on the Christopher St Pier, so dressing like an outer-borough pre-teen rainbow bracelet wearing lesbian was just part of the experience.

Do you like my George W. Bush?

The morning after a typical evening at my church youth group.

Thank god Grandmother and I have the same size balls.

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  1. April 10, 2012 9:24 PM

    Yes, I love them all! I miss your leather bracelets that you used to wear, which would look totally wrong with your current skinny jeans motif! Miss you and love you! Happy bday bro! <3


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