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Isn’t It Enough They’re In The Projects?!

July 24, 2011



As New Yorkers, we’re always on the lookout for a good/better deal on an apartment.  It goes without saying that it’s mostly about ‘location, location, location’ but also deeply influenced by price.  How else could we afford our $15 drinks? 

During my latest search on foot, I came across a very interesting complex:  the Bland Houses.  Isn’t it enough that these residents have to deal with the all the gunshots, crack-selling and other casualties of living in subsidized housing without the city essentially naming their residence UNDESIRABLE.

Great marketing!  I’m guessing the city doesn’t spend a lot on image and upkeep but this place doesn’t look so bad; at least from the outside.  Regardless, my search for new digs continues and I can honestly say I don’t care what my new apartment is called.  As long as it’s cheap, safe, and close to a thriving gayborhood (bar).

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