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Gloganvlog Reviews: Scissor Sisters at Bowery Ballroom – May 6, 2012

May 9, 2012

I had the damn good luck to snag a ticket to Scissor Sisters’ sold out Bowery Ballroom show on Sunday night to celebrate the upcoming release of their fourth studio album, Magic Hour. I’ve seen the Scissor Sisters perform before and it never fails: this band knows how to show their audience a good fucking time.

Ana Matronic (one of the band’s lead vocalists, along with super sexy Jake Shears) described their exuberant set in this small venue as being like a party they were throwing in their parents’ basement. For the energetic audience, the party kept on, non-stop, throughout the fifteen song set, heavily featuring never-before-performed tracks from their eagerly anticipated album.

So far as I was concerned, the band has never sounded better than they did Sunday night, in the spot-on acoustics of this great venue, and the new tracks, including standouts “Shady Love” and “Keep Your Shoes On,” had a particularly polished, 90s club music production style that felt right on the pulse of what’s happening now in pop music. The new songs were incredibly accessible, even on first listen, and kept the audience dancing throughout the evening. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had as much fun hearing unfamiliar music played live.

The instant catchiness and finely produced sheen on the new songs only complemented the band’s trademark campy lyrics and ironic humor, which was still very much on display throughout the night. To the audience’s delight, for example, the band had invited newly minted America’s Next Drag Superstar, Sharon Needles, to take the stage in advance of the band, warming up the audience while elaborately dressed in a latex bondage dress, alien red-eyed lenses, and a boxy, samurai flag-lookin’ headpiece constructed entirely of weave. (Sharon later joined the band on stage during the final song of the encore.)

During what I remember as one of the evening’s standout moments, the band debuted new track “Let’s Have a Kiki.” Appropos the drag-tastic lyrics about “spilling tea” and “serving, working, and turning, huh-huh-honey,” Ana enlisted her backup singers, Jake included, to perform a girly, retro choreographed number. Between the charming performance and the instantly infectious song, the audience was practically giddy with delight. At least in that moment, the Scissor Sisters had truly transported their audience to a Magic Hour.

Scissor Sister’s “Magic Hour” will be released on May 29.

Stream “Let’s Have a Kiki,” below.

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