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First Official Rozalyn Responds: Are Relationships A Good Diet?

December 15, 2011

When dating someone who is smaller in size than you are, why do people automatically think that you lose weight cause being with this person makes you feel self conscious? 

Jessica,  FL

Dear Jessica,

Because they’re right, no one wants to be the fatter partner. I’m not even in a relationshit currently & this question is making me feel self conscious. This is probably what Star Jones was thinking too before she exchanged her thinking for thinning.

You’ve already put a ton of effort into your physical appearance by losing weight – next time you go for a run don’t forget to put effort into exercising your mental & emotional well-being by sweating away a little bit of your defenses.

Spending time caring what other people think is about as effective as using birth control when you’re strictly an anal kind of girl.  Spending time considering what other people think is about as effective as you asking me this question and realizing you should be on the treadmill right now.

Turning negatives into positives one step at a time.

Hop to it sister.

From Hell,

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  1. Jessica Chalker permalink
    December 15, 2011 1:52 PM

    Thanks sister, now I see what is goin on in everyones head. Next time someone asks why I lost so much weight I will just say….have you seen my girlfriend???

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