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Every Little Boy’s Fantasy: The Disney Princes Go Gay

October 9, 2013

disney princes gay

As someone who was once a little gay boy, I can say with perfect scientific accuracy that every little gay that ever watched a Disney movie either wanted to be the princess, screw the prince, or both, at the same time, with an angry villain thrown in there for good measure and some back-door action. Ole Walt has not yet made a movie about gay Disney princes (in fact, the two Disney princess rejects Tiana and Sofia are probably pushing the conservative envelope as far as it will go, one being black with that good hair, and the other being 2% Latina, i.e. about as ethnic as Tilda Swinton).

Still, even though Disney will most likely never embrace the homo in us all, there are plenty of awesome artists out there to help us live the fantasy. I know a lot of guys out there are really into Aladdin, but I have always been partial to John Smith even though the fact that Mel Gibson does his voice kills my boner every time. All I hear when he talks are Jew jokes and 47 years of hard liquor and Marlboro reds. Hopefully some of these pics will fulfill your fantasy, even though mine died long ago, wrapped in a polio blanket, drinking fire water at America’s first casino.

SPOILER ALERT: The farther down you scroll, the more NSFW this post becomes.

gay disney princes

gay disney princes

gay disney princes

Seriously, if you are at work, shield your computer.

gay disney princes

gay disney princes  gay disney princes

gay disney princes

If that last photo is gets ur mussy moist, check out Rock Hard Disney. Fair warning, you will never be able to watch these movies with your nieces and nephews again.

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