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Global Warming Has Its Benefits : Andrew Christian Car Wash

January 13, 2012

We here on the West Coast have been sitting pretty and perky during Winter.  I’m still busting out my skank tops and booty shorts and getting sun on the gay beach of the local park on the weekends in January. IN JANUARY. Sure, the snow bunnies are complaining that the mountains are dryer than Kim Cattrall’s cooter, but for us city gays, we are literally soaking it all up.

(Image Courtesy of the horse-hung go-go boys of Stallion Saturdays, one of San Francisco’s ridiculously hottest parties, where Andrew Christian Underwear seems to be the brand of choice, when they are wearing anything at all.)

Maybe that’s why LA-based underwear designer Andrew Christan decided to release this fantastically sunny, summer-like treat in what should be the coldest months of the year. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who actually has seasons, may this warm you and tingle your boy parts. Lather up.

The Secrets That Gay Men Keep Up Their Asses

January 6, 2012


Gawker posted a nearly-perfect article regarding the secrets Gay men keep from Straight people. Topics include how fun it is to bottom (anywhere and anytime), doing poppers until we pass out from dizziness, and how we are eye-fucking every hot straight man we see.

Check out the list here and let us know: did they forget anything?

Gloganvlog Analysis: Lana del Rey

January 6, 2012

As we look forward to see who is going to be the next overexposed artist in music and fashion for 2012, it’s hard to skip over Lana Del Rey. Frecks placed her song “Video Games” on his #2 spot on his Top Ten Songs of 2011 list.  Miss Del Rey was just signed to join Next Modeling Agency and will sing at the Dior Spring/Summer 2012 Preview.



So, does Lana have what it takes to go down the fashion/music path that was once walked by Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga?  We have a suspicion she might, and we take a look at why. Read more…

2011 Trend We Want To See Continue : Man Pumps

December 30, 2011

The high heel has rarely been an accessory for the fairer sex. Before lace-front wigs, Spirit Gum and tuck jobs, men have long been curious about slipping their size-12 feet into a pair of crimson-red 4-inch pumps. (The high heel is a mystical thing that gives you sexual powers over any living being). Men who dared to step out in stilettos often did it under the guise of drag (and often ended up in the ER with a twisted ankle.)

But 2011 was a different year because Read more…

Gwyneth Paltrow Cures Your Hangover

December 29, 2011

We’ve been building up to one evening all year : New Year’s Eve. Every Friday (or Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc.) night we’ve been blacked out drunk has been simply a pre-season game, gearing up for the Superbowl of drunken nights. Aside from preparing our livers by beating them into submission, we also have been practicing our best hangover-cures.

Not wanting to be left out, wannabe-Glee star/residential “parenting expert” Gwenyth Paltrow offered her “best practices” for curing a hangover in this month’s edition of GOOP



Or, you know, you could just get a fucking Vitamin Water, half a dozen Advils and call it a day, but it’s your choice.

There’s A Slater In His Pants

December 23, 2011

If you’re like me, you grew up with Saved By the Bell. TBS paid its bills by running episodes of Saved By the Bell into the ground. It was on before school, after school, and during peak homework-procrastination times.

Let’s be real. Time was not kind to most of the Saved by the Bell cast. Kelly Kapowski lusted after Bieber, Lisa Turtle probably ended up doing porn, Zach Morris banged Nancy Botwin on Weeds, Jessie Spano made the best/worst movie about Vegas Strippers, while Skreech became an overweight proponent of the Dirty Sanchez.

Using your skills of deduction.. you should be able to see which Saved by the Bell kid actually amounted to something..


Read more…

Why the Push Up Bra Isn’t Only A Woman’s Secret Weapon

December 18, 2011

The Push-Up Bra. It has been women’s not-so-secret weapon for over 50 years. It’s helped them the attention of hetero bartenders, out of speeding tickets and into countless scandals with right-wing Republicans. Needless to say, these things continue to be a staple in every girls’ wardrobe, right next to her Spanx and Little Black Dress.


Let’s take a look at the latest ad from Dutch company HEMA:


But there’s something more peculiar Read more…

I Fassbendered This Weekend

December 11, 2011

When you walk out of the theater after seeing Shame, you will immediately delete Grindr, disable your A4A account and swear off random hook-ups.

Of course, as soon as you get home to your empty studio apartment and take multiple cold showers, your raging horniness will erase the movie’s images from your brain, and you’ll be running to your next trick’s house faster than Walmart customers to Black Friday.

For those of you who are unaware, Shame is a film by Steve McQueen that tells the NC-17 story of a sex-addicted New Yorker whose life spirals out of control. It starts on a high point when Michael Fassbender’s floppy dick bumble towards you in all its glory. Read more…

The Neapolitan Beardwich

December 9, 2011

2011 has been an interesting year in hair trends. Common ladies are sticking feathers (aka fishing bait) in their hair while tresses that look like they’ve been dunked in a paint pail are all over the runways and celebrities. (I dare you to watch a slideshow of Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj’s hairstyles over the years and not feel like you are on a Lisa Frank acid trip.)

Not wanting to be outdone, we’ve been noticing a trend on the West Coast… one we’re calling the Neapolitan.

It’s really a simple formula: Read more…